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Persons charged with crimes in San Diego County are sometimes required to post bail. This is to guarantee that they show up at trial. The amount of bail is usually set by a schedule according to the offense. Usually one contacts a bail bondsman who in exchange for 10% of the amount of the bond posts the bond for the client. The defendant is then released pending the court appearance date.

To obtain the bond, the defendant may have to offer security to the bondsman such as a lien on this house. Should the defendant fail to show up at court, the bail bondsman forfeits his bond until he can locate the defendant for the court.

It is often possible for an attorney to obtain court approval to reduce the amount of the bond or dispense with the bond requirement altogether. If you are required to post bond, you are urged to contact a San Diego criminal defense attorney from The Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong, APLC for help obtaining bail.

Bail Requirements in San Diego County, CA

When one is charged with a misdemeanor, they are usually given a pretrial release based on his promise to appear. When charged with a felony, it is more likely that one will be required to post bond. However an attorney may persuade the court to reduce the bond or dispense with it and allow the defendant to be free "on his own recognizance." To accomplish this, the attorney may argue that the defendant has ties to the community and thus is not a flight risk. The attorney can also point to the defendant's lack of previous record and to the non-violent nature of the crime charged.

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We at The Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong, APLC are an aggressive criminal defense law firm serving the San Diego, California area. We vigorously defend clients' rights to fair treatment in the matter of bail. Where there is no flight risk, we argue strenuously to dispense with bail and allow our clients to be freed on their own recognizance. Contact The Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong, APLC for Bail Assistance in San Diego.